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(30 Days of Truth – Day 6 – Something that excites you and fills you with joy)

Today, we set sail on The Rock Boat. This brings me joy. Immense joy.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Rock Boat, it’s a floating music festival hosted by the band Sister Hazel. This will be our fifth year straight but TRB will celebrate it’s 11th birthday.  This is the most excited I’ve been since our first one. I know that having needtobreathe as a performer this year has everything to do with my excitement but it’s not just them. There’s Ingram Hill, Aslyn, Ed from Live, GRO, Sam Thacker and of course, Sister Hazel.

As much as this cruise is about the music, it’s also about reunions. We get filled with joy from the second we get to the port because it’s non-stop hellos and hugs. We get to hang out with friends we see once a year. This is our special time. We also always look forward to hanging out with the friends we haven’t even met yet. You always know that’s going to happen when you have a couple of thousand like-minded, music loving people gathered together.

Waiting for Zac Brown Band to take the stage on TRBVII
Penthouse Party TRB VIII

In addition to the music and friends, we also get to have some silly fun with games, contests and theme nights. Here are a few from Rock Boats past.

80's Night, TRB VII
White Trash Love TRBVIII
White Trash Night TRBVIII Flip Cup Floozies TRB VIII

Do you wonder why this brings me so much joy?

Check out my husband’s post today on the same there. It’s pretty clear we are both filled with joy as we post these last blogs before we hit the open seas.



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