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We Are All Beautiful Things

There is no greater gratitude than that for hope restored when you’ve all but given up. – Stacey Monk

I’m often left in awe of the ways in which God speaks to me. Today, He did it again. I wanted to tell someone that I love how important they are to me and to the world, but I was struggling to find the right words. Then God provided me with the words I could not find.

This was one of the songs performed this morning in church. I cannot think of a better way to say it than to simply share this video.

God makes beautiful things and you are one of them. Don’t ever forget that. There is nothing that you have done that God won’t forgive. Put your faith in Him and He will see you through this. I am sure of it.



Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

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