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Rabbit Holes and $10,000 Dresses

I fell down the Twitter rabbit hole this afternoon and after hours of clicking through page after page and blog after blog, I ended up on a very intriguing website. Jamie Ridler is a professional creative living life coach who is, and I quote, passionate about authentic living and creativity.  Can you guess why I may have spent some time on her website? Oh, and her latest blog entry includes a video of Michael Franti singing Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong. #winning

Let’s just say I think I’m in love with her and I see myself spending many hours soaking up her words. One of the inspirational tools she offers is an online Full Moon Dreamboard session. This caught my attention because of my involvement in the Change Your Mind workshop last year. One of our assignments was to create a Vision Board. As I suspected, dreamboards and vision boards are very similar. The difference, according to Jamie’s website, is that the dreamboard is “tied directly to the cycles of the moon and this connection to the rhythms of nature help us tap into the rhythm of ourselves”. Let’s just say I’m intrigued and may just have to participate in the next session.

While checking out the FAQ’s and trying to find out exactly what and how to do a dreamboard, I found a response that completely answered my question and even provided links to some examples and tools other people used to create their boards. Of course, this led me deeper into the time suckage warp and I found myself on the Polyvore website creating my own little version of a vision board. I tried to tear myself away but I just lost all control and just kept creating and creating and creating.  And yes, it felt really good to be creative for a while. I think I needed that little release today.

Below is my creation of things I found to be very pretty and a little romantic. I can imagine myself wearing the dress and big floppy hat to my friend’s wedding later this year. The first item I selected was the dress and I just built onto that theme and color to create a little collection that just left me smiling. Of course, once the fashion items had been selected, I then felt a strong desire to throw in some other items that I love. I found the quote and thought how perfect that is for me and my current journey to find out who I am. I guess what I’m finding is really that all of me is not perfect, but, dammit, some parts are pretty awesome.  The final piece was the music themed background, which I felt absolutely completed my little dream/vision board. This small and simple collage may be the beginning of some larger board in the future.

Now, while I was building my little creation, I failed to notice there were prices associated with the items I selected.  Oh boy. Apparently, I have much more expensive taste than I realized.  Check out the pricetag on that pretty little sundress that I hoped to wear to my friend’s wedding.  I’m pretty sure Gil is just not going to agree to that. Maybe I could talk him into a new bottle of Coco Mademmoiselle so at least I can smell pretty while wearing a dress from Target to that wedding. Pretty

Pretty by purrfectlee featuring stiletto heels

Ralph Lauren Collection wrap dress
$10,000 –

Stiletto heels
4.99 GBP –

Stiletto heels
4.99 GBP –

Bally leather tote bag
$1,395 –

H M straw handbag
25 GBP –

Red Herring gold bracelet
10 GBP –

Beanie hat
$15 –

Lip Gloss
2.99 GBP –

$95 –

DESTINED Glitter Nail Color
$2.99 –

Fauna Cat Pillow Fauna
$104 –

Black Printed Leather
$265 –


Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

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