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No One Fights Alone

Sometimes you are given an opportunity to witness something so remarkable that it leaves you filled with an unbelievable amount of hope.  Tonight, I’ve been a witness, once again, to the incredible power of the Hazelnuts and it has left my soul overflowing with love. And on this night, I am truly honored to call myself a Hazelnut.

If we are friends in real life, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I refer to the Hazelnuts. If we aren’t friends in real life, please allow me to explain. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I was introduced to the music of Sister Hazel in 2005 and my life has not been the same since. The fans of Sister Hazel are referred to as Hazelnuts and we are one of the most eclectic groups of people you will ever meet. We come from all over the world and from every background you can imagine. We may be different on the outside but we have some very common threads that bind us together. We LOVE our Sister Hazel and we love each other. And that last part is what let me to writing this post.

I’ve seen this community of people, scattered all over the country, come together for some amazing things. I’ve watched my husband and friends jump out of a plane for charity. I’ve seen grown men weep during concerts and shave their heads to support a child going through cancer. I’ve seen yellow boxing gloves shipped across the country so we could all sign them to show our support in a fellow Hazelnut’s fight against cancer. I’ve seen us celebrate each other’s joys and weep with each sorrow. We’re an amazing bunch, I tell you.  What’s really amazing is that some of us have never met, but it just doesn’t matter. The music may have brought us all together but it’s our affection for each that drives us to be there when needed, in good or bad times.

The Hazelnuts showing support for our friend Katie, who was battling cancer at the time.
Presentation of the Hazelnut signed boxing gloves - to help Katie kick cancer's assGil, Lindsey, Kelly and Kara after they jumped out of a plane for Lyrics for Life

Yesterday, our little community got some shocking and devastating news. We found out one of our own has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Cancer sucks, by the way.  Speaking for myself, I was sad and scared when I heard the news. I took some time out of my day to bow my head and ask for God to place His healing hand on my friend Dave.

Tonight, my heart was once again blown away by this community. In a little more than 24 hours since getting the news about Dave, this group had organized a Facebook Flash Mob to show our love and support for Dave and his beautiful wife, Lori. I sat here and watched my newsfeed explode with photo after photo showing Dave just how much we love him. The status messages and wall posts filled with words of support, prayers and encouragement have warmed my heart. I see Dave once a year, but it doesn’t matter. We are family and Gil and I will be here to help in any way we can. I know, without a doubt, Dave and Lori would do the same for us. No question in my mind.

My show of support for Dave
Reca and Cori - Reca met her husband, Elton, because of Sister Hazel
Nathan and Kara met on The Rock Boat, thanks to Sister Hazel
Stephanie even got her pet involved with showing support for Dave

This community is bound by a love that’s difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. I believe that if Dave can draw strength from the words, prayers, and wishes of this community, he will most certainly kick cancer’s ass.

Dave and Lori with Gil and me on The Rock Boat XTatoo Dave giving me a sharpie tatoo on The Rock Boat X
Tatoo Dave giving me a sharpie tatoo on The Rock Boat X


Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

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