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025/365 Flashback Friday: Golden Flight

This photo was taken December 18, 2004. This was my first and only tandem skydive and I got to do it with Greg Windmiller of the US Army Golden Knights skydive team. On the left is Andy Serrano and on the right is Andy Burch of the USSOCOM Parachute Demonstration Team (Para Commandos).

This was definitely in my top 5 list of coolest things ever!

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024/365 Passion

I’m exhausted after staying out way past my bedtime last night so instead of posting a new picture, I decided to share a random picture from my phone’s gallery. This beautiful flower came from my friend Jeff Smith’s yard but we also have one planted in our back yard. Jeff’s plant produces these beautiful purple blooms but our plant gives us a deep pink color. I love the Passion Flower and would have these crazy vines covering every fence in my yard. We have one but I hope to pick up one or two more soon.

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Conjuring Emotion

This week’s Random Writers topic is “What is your favorite website and why?” I remember thinking that was the dumbest topic ever when it was first thrown out in our list of possible topics. Well, once again, I was so totally, freaking, completely wrong in my first thought. This is a great topic, and fellow Random Writer Jeff Smith proved that on Tuesday with his post. Then, Lindsey followed up on Wednesday with another really amazing favorite website that I can’t wait to check out.

As Gil touched on in his post on Monday, there are essentials like Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook that can’t be overlooked when creating a list of favorite websites.  However, I guess that it could be argued that just because these are our most visited websites, they may not necessarily be our most beloved. After all, my place of employment is my most visited physical site but it is certainly NOT my favorite place to be.

Another website I must mention is Google Reader. This is my lifeline to all things blog. Be it posts about blogging or simply posts by bloggers, I can’t live without this compilation of my favorite websites. I have various lists set up in Google Reader that I find very useful in organizing the chaos. Within these lists are my favorite blogs and other RSS feeds from websites I have deemed important. I really want to elaborate on these lists and what makes up these all important feeds of information, but I’m afraid I would find myself 1500 words into a blog post about blog posts and that’s not what THIS blog post is about.

Okay, where was I? Oh, I remember. I was about to reveal my numero uno-favoritest-can’t-possibly-live-without-or-I-would-totally-stop-breathing website.

My favorite website is and always will be the one my husband is writing for, be it his own blog or some other site like Random Writers.

Stop rolling your eyes and give me a moment to explain.

I would like to set the stage with this quote:

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader–not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” E.L. Doctorow

When I first met Gil, he was very much in love with someone else. She wasn’t able to fully commit to a relationship with him so while he waited for her he started blogging as a therapeutic release to help him deal with his internal anguish, frustration, disappointment, and even sometimes jubilation. After a date or two, he introduced me to his then six-month old blog. I was immediately hooked. The first thing I did every morning was check to see if he had blogged the night before. Some days, those blogs were really hard to read as he regularly wrote about the pain of loving someone who would could not reciprocate that love. It became impossible to ignore his writing, even if it oftentimes sometimes was too painful to bear.

His blog posts became more about his words and emotions than about my personal reaction as I found myself falling in love with him. I found a way to disconnect my personal feelings from his stories in order to find the beauty that existed in them. He has this gift of storytelling that generates more emotional response than the reader is sometimes prepared for. He has a talent of almost forcing the reader to experience overwhelming empathy for what he, the writer, was feeling as he wrote those words. If I hurt for my own self when reading those blogs, it was nothing compared to the almost unbearable agony I often felt for him. It was just so easy to forget that I had a vested interest in this other woman dropping off the face of the planet. Because of the feelings he conjured with his words, I found myself praying that she would come around and devote herself to him, with all her heart. If that doesn’t prove the power in his words, I don’t know what could.

Gil has a talent of putting letters together to create the perfect words in the perfect order to invoke the perfect emotion. I realize he is my husband and I’m supposed to say these things, but I don’t feel I’m alone in my love of his writing. If I’m completely honest with myself, I fell in love with Gil’s words long before I fell in love with his being. I guess when you realize how much he writes from his heart, that makes perfect sense.

I get no greater joy than when I see him sitting in front of his laptop with a blank word document open before him. I become giddy with anticipation in knowing that in a few minutes, a new work of art will be available for me to devour.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest and that you will visit his blog. He has been spending some time moving his old blog posts to his new blog home on WordPress. I invite you to visit often as he brings the old posts back to life. I know I’m looking forward to reading them again.

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023/365 Twittering Friends, Baseball, and Kickass Music


Tonight has been pretty wild.  It has been spontaneous wine shopping, finding the perfect, very late, but perfect wedding gift (is 1.5 yrs too late), meeting 6 month long Twitter  friends for the first time and discovering you have an incredible love of music in common, Red and Whites, surprise Rock Boat reunion, Ingram Hill, and a Rays rally that left me breathless. 
The game is in the top of the 12th at the time of this posting and I’m about to lose my mind with anxiety.

This picure is of my Twitter friend Justin and his sweet wife Mollie, with Ingram Hill in the background.

Edit: RAYS WON and Sox lost! It was a great night.

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021/365 Monkey Bars

Monkey did show a tiny bit of improvement but I took her to the vet this afternoon just to be safe. They said she has an upper respiratory infection and sent me home with antibiotics and antihistamines. She is eating a bit better and there is definitely more life in her sweet little eyes.  I snapped this as we were waiting to be discharged this afternoon. Big thanks to Dr. Tanner for taking good care of her, and her mommy. I was a bit of a nervous wreck and he helped make ME feel much better, too.

PS – A very special thanks to Calista! You know why 😉

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020/365 Lazy Days

Today has been a pretty lazy day and that’s a good thing. After being sick last week I think my body just said, “Chill” for a while. So, I did exactly that.

I’ve actually spent a big part of the past two days holding my sweet Monkey, who is very much under the weather. I’m really scared it’s serious so I could use a few prayers. She’s shown a little tiny improvement today but I’m still very worried.

Vanny, Monkey, and Boo with Peppy sleeping in the background

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The Power to Enable Dreams

This is a repost of my husband, Gil Gonzalez’s blog post from yesterday, The Power to Enable Dreams. Only a few hours left to reach the goal of $5,000. No amount is too small to help make this dream a reality.

I don’t normally do my blog posts on the fly. I usually have some semblance of a plan, then I open up MS Word and I start typing. This post I am writing directly into the text field of my blog site because that’s how quickly I want to get it published.

We all have our individual definitions of what power is. Some people seek physical power. Others seek political power. Yet, inside us all we possess the power of giving. Be it a smile, be it a gesture, be it a dollar; giving of yourself to or for someone else can be the most powerful thing in the world.

My friends Stacey Monk and Sanjay Patel, founders of Epic Change and two of the most giving and selfless people I know, are requesting the help of the power that lies in you. In summary, we’re looking to provide a special graduation gift to one boy and one girl from the first ever graduation class of Shephard’s Junior Primary School in Tanzania.

Mind you, this is not just any school. Shephard’s started as the dream of Mama Lucy and was built out of the love and generosity of so many people from all over the world. Now we’re asking for you to help enable the dreams of two young students who aspire for so much in life.

Please follow this link to read Stacey’s personal appeal for this effort, and you can make a quick and easy donation using the PayPal widget on her page.  The power to make someone’s dream come true is something you possess, and no amount it too small. Thank you.