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005/365 Twofer

Today was so good I had to pick 2 pics to share.

Gil and I are visiting with friends on the Space Coast this weekend. Imagine our surprise when we found out there was a rocket launch scheduled, then rescheduled and then rescheduled again. This series of events put us in the perfect spot at the perfect time to watch GRAIL take off for the moon. This made me really happy!

After the launch, we drove to Stacey and Sanjay’s house for day 2 of our weekend of conspiring to inspire people to change the world. I feel like my brain my explode. And I say that in a positive way because I’m bursting at the seams with giddy anticipation for what’s to come. As you can see below, Gil and I are deep into whatever idea was being discussed as Lindsey snapped this photo of us.




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2 thoughts on “005/365 Twofer

  1. Did you notice how fast it was after it cleared the tower? I’m always amazed at how quickly the Delta II lift vehicles practically jump into the sky in comparison to the heavy lift stuff. I know that you were approximately 18.5 miles from the launch facility, but could you hear GRAIL at all before solid rocket motor separation?
    BTW, I love it when you write about this stuff πŸ™‚


    1. Jose, YES, I know you love it. πŸ™‚ I love that you do. And the best part it was a totally spontaneous and unexpected surprise. The shuttle launch was special (I still plan to write about it) but this was equally as spectacular. I think was because it was just so crazy we happened to be over there, with friends, for an EPIC cause. It was a very nice little gift from God. And to see it from the beach….WOW. We did not hear anything before the boom and I don’t have the most experience to say whether it was fast but it did seem like it was. I have the whole thing on video too.


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