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008/365 Pretty In Pink and Other Fashion Disasters

One of the questions today in the #NUTS Twitter chat was “What was YOUR most embarrassing fashion moment”. My response was 1986, senior year. Yes, the WHOLE year. Those who knew me back then can pretty much confirm this to be a fact. Although, back then, I was pretty rockin’.

Take my prom dress, for example. Do you think mayyyybe I was obsessed with Molly Ringwald? Maybe? See my rat tail? That was so HAWT. You may also notice how my date is wearing a red, plaid bowtie. That is because my original date cancelled on me the week before prom. I had decided to simply not go to the event and just catch up with my friends afterwards. Then, I was hanging out with my buddy, Keith, the day before and the next thing I knew, he was trying on his dad’s tux and I had a date.

Headland High School Prom, 1986, with Keith Dovre

I did not actually take this picture today (obviously), but I thought it absolutely post-worthy since so many memories came flooding back from my Twitter chat. (Besides, this is MY Project 365 and I can make up the rules as I go.) I couldn’t stop there. Oh, no. I thought, what the hell, let’s go for broke on this one. So, as a bonus, enjoy these other pics that totally define the 80’s for me, or should I say me, in the 80’s.

Showing off my garter before leaving for prom

What self-respecting girl of the 80’s didn’t have a Choose Life sweatshirt?

Ready for school. Yes, this was normal, everyday school wear for me.

See, another classic shot from some random day in school. Notice the normalcy of the girls around me. Uh huh. I was THAT girl.

I was pretty sure my prom picture was my most embarrassing fashion moment, right up until the moment I found this gem in my photo box. What makes this picture so incredibly awesome is that we were just on our way to the mall. Yes, you read that right. We were just four teenage friends heading to the mall one summer afternoon, just to hang out. We were not posing for the cover of some future album cover. We were not getting ready for a Vogue fashion shoot *snort*. We were going to the mall, people.

My mom worked for a newspaper at the time so I stopped by to get some moolah, which I often did, and the staff photographer thought we were awesome and wanted to take our picture. Well, that’s what we all thought but looking back now, I’m thinking it became the photo he used to show young children what NOT to grow up to be.

Susan, Chalice, Me, Andrea

I’m going to go into hiding for a little while now since I’m sure more than one of my girlfriends are going to hunt me down and beat me stupid for posting these.



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5 thoughts on “008/365 Pretty In Pink and Other Fashion Disasters

  1. These are spectacular photos! My sister had the “Choose Life” sweatshirt. I had the “Frankie Says Relax.” I didn’t want to be Molly Ringwald, I wanted to be Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful. 😉


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