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013/365 Three Amigos with a Hart

Gil Gonzalez, Jeff Wilson, Emerson Hart and Matt Harrington

This was the photo I wanted so badly to post yesterday but dead batteries and pure exhaustion resulted in no post. However, since I seem to be making up the rules as I go, what the hell, I’m posting anyway.

This has to be one of my new all time favorite pictures ever. Not only are Gil, Jeff and Matt best of friends, they are also three of the most giving and selfless people I know. I only wish I had a heart like these guys.

Yesterday was the first Rock by the Sea event to be held in the Tampa Bay area. Headlining the show was Emerson Hart, lead singer of the band Tonic, and we were so thrilled that he came out to support our efforts to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital. It was a fantastic day and a wonderful and entertaining show.



Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

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