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033/365 You’re Invited

All day long I’ve been planning to post pictures from the baby shower I co-hosted today. It’s what all this owl crafty stuff has been about all week and I couldn’t wait to show it all off. However, sometimes life deals you surprises in the most wonderful of ways.

I left the baby shower this afternoon thinking how great it was going to be to relax the rest of the evening and how I didn’t need to print anything or punch holes in anything or trim edges or even touch a paper cutter. No more crafting for a while.

HA! Silly me.

Natalie came to me last night and showed me an invitation she had gotten to a classmate’s costume party. It was really cute and she told me how much she liked it and would like to do something like that for her birthday party in two weeks. Then she got me. “Would you help me make them?” she said. I, of course, told her I would LOVE to help her but we would need to do it very soon. She immediately called her mom and finalized the details of the whens and whats and announced she was ready. I mentioned that if she could sleep over tonight then we could certainly formulate a plan and see what I had here we could use. I was thinking a trip to Micheal’s would certainly be on our agenda for Sunday.

Well, she’s sleeping over and guess what we did all night. We not only formulated a plan, we kicked that plan’s ass. Oh yeah, planned and executed! She was really happy with them and I didn’t care one bit that I spent yet another night designing, printing, measuring, digging through craft closets, cutting, punching holes, and finally, admiring our finished product. Not one bit.

I have to say that when she asked me to help her with this project it made my heart swell so big. Her mom is a crafty type, too, so I’m sure she could have tackled this little project with ease. But, Natalie asked me. And, that made my day week month year.

P.S. – She already has next year’s invites planned and announced that we should ALWAYS make our own cards from now on. What have I done?!?

P.S.S. Special thanks to her dear father for helping us with the poem for the invite and for understanding that, after the first draft, he needed her to help him get into the mind of a 12 year old girl so that it was less dorky.





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3 thoughts on “033/365 You’re Invited

  1. wow…gorgeous!!! What a lucky girl to have parents who work together so beautifully. You are one kick-ass stepmom! And Gil…writing “dorky” poems for a daughter you love, is the least dorky thing ever!

    (ps…this is my RSVP ; )


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