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036/365 Memory Magnets


I was drawing a complete blank about what to post tonight. I actually had given up and was heading to bed when I stopped to make myself a glass of water. As I filled my glass I looked up and found myself smiling as I looked at the many magnets looking back at me.  I just stood there and got lost for a moment in the flood of memories that seem to take over my mind. I captured the image below so that I could share this little moment in time of my day.

For a little while tonight, in my mind, I visited South Carolina, Costa Rica, the Everglades, our wedding spot on Isla Mujeres, Boston, New Hampshire, Cancun, St George Island, Cozumel, and Alabama. 

Do you keep magnet souvenirs on your refrigerator door?



Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

2 thoughts on “036/365 Memory Magnets

  1. Postcards, and magnets on my fridge. Mostly from my Dad (he travels alot), and magnets I have bought over the years on my travels! When I see this I traveled back to Orlando for a bit, and the best NYE I ever had!

    Maby I should send you an Norwegian magnet? Hehe

    Smiles 🙂


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