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090/365 Earth Tigerlets

My very dear friend, Jeff, sent me a gift that arrived while I was in Alabama last week. The unopened package was sitting on my desk when I got home and I had no idea what it might be or where it might have come from. If you know me at all, then you know the absolute and complete delight I found in opening this package. I don’t know how or why God saw fit to put this in front of me at exactly the moment I needed to laugh, but he did.

Jeff, I cannot say thank you enough. It’s a small gesture that touched me in a huge way.

Now, on to the silliness. Have you ever heard of or read Earth Tigerlets as Explained by Professor Xargle? If you love cats, and even if you don’t, I think you will find this MOST entertaining. I know I did the first time I read through it. I’m still laughing and I’ve read through it probably a dozen times over the weekend. This lovely and humorous children’s book will have a permanent home on my desk. I recommend you check it out the next time you happen to be in a bookstore or even pick one up as a gift for a child in your life. Or, pick it up for an adult. You never know how much it might mean to someone.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite excerpts from the book.



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