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114/365 The Reason I’m Here

My Uncle Vic passed away yesterday. I knewthat my photo post today would have to be one of my Great Uncle. He’s the handsome fellow on the right, sitting next to his beautiful, boisterous, wife, Aunt Riece. These two were quite the characters and I cherished every minute with them when they came for a visit.

My Uncle Vic and Aunt Riece are the reason I’m even here today. And, this story is totally going to feed into the whole idea of all of us southerners being a bunch of inbred hicks. I’m not even sure I know how the story goes other than at some family gathering after my great aunt and uncle got married (or maybe before), my Uncle Vic introduced his sister Elizabeth (my grandmother) to my Aunt Riece’s cousin, Coleman (my grandfather). I don’t know if it was love at first sight between my grandmother and grandfather but for the sake of my story, we’ll say it was. 🙂 So thanks to my Uncle Vic marrying my Aunt Riece, my grandparents met and fell in love and got married and had babies….one of which was my mom. In short, my uncle is the reason I’m here.

Now, who wants to chart out my family tree? LOL Before you volunteer, you should know that this is not the only instance in my family of cousins being aunts, uncles being cousins, and first cousins also being third cousins.



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