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129/365 The Messages

“The message is very close at hand. It is on your lips and in your heart.”  Romans 10:8

I was thinking about what I would blog about tonight, as it’s been another one of those really bad days that seem to continue to come out of nowhere lately.

And then I got Godsmacked.

I’ve prayed a lot more than normal lately, asking God for a sign, for a message, anything to help relieve my  hurt and disappointment. On Sunday, I was given a very clear message during the service at church. Very.Clear. I heard it and it really gave me some much needed peace. Then the ugliness started creeping back in and with the layoffs at work, it’s just been stressful.

As I’m sitting here doing some random stuff on the computer, I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to take the camera to our bedroom. ODD, I tell you. I walked in and went straight for our Bible. As I picked it up I started recognizing the various messages that surrounded the box that holds and protects our Bible.

The messages were about faith, talents,  and blessings.

I believe He’s giving me another message. I know He’s reminding me to be faithful. I’m so afraid that’s been difficult for me lately. I know He’s reminding me of all of the blessings in my life, and again, I’ve failed to recognize some of that during my recent pity parties. But …  talents … what is that message all about?

I don’t so clearly recognize the word of God as it’s whispered in my ear very often, so I’m working through this. However, I can’t help but wonder if this third message doesn’t follow the theme of the first two in that I need to do more with regards to my talents.

Faith and gratitude are typically the bedrock of my foundation and I’ve allowed cracks to form lately. This is something I recognize with embarrassment and regret. I guess the same could be said for my talents. Am I building them and strengthening them in the way I had hoped I would in the past year? Am I using the talents I do have in a way that pleases God? Should I be using my talents in other places? In places that seem to appreciate them? In places that show how much I appreciate them, and Him? Am I using the talents He has given me to their full potential or am I just wasting His gifts to me?

I’m going to have to put into action one of these attributes right here and right now. I will need to have more faith that He will make this clear to me when the time is right. He will either gently guide me in the way He wants me to use my talents, or I may receive another Godsmack. I don’t know. But I have faith I will.



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