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133/365 Time to Redecorate

As one of Natalie’s Christmas presents, we agreed to redecorate her bathroom, within reason, of course. Here’s our haul for today.

She picked a black and white flower print shower curtain and we built on the design from there. The shower curtain has a small hot pink stripe near the top so she opted for some neon accessories. Well, that was her first choice but we had some difficulties matching this with that and ended up with hot pink, black, white and a green that is somewhere between neon and olive. No, really. Sounds strange but it works and she’s happy.

I’ve included a couple of the before pics in the collage below. Everything is so pale and muted right now. It’s going to be a lot of fun spicing it up for/with her.

We thought about paint options and decided on a bright, stark white that we will jazz up with some matching stencils or decals. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress. Wish us luck. Most of the ‘detailing’ we plan to do as some serious craft projects. We already have two Pinterest inspired ideas in the early planning stages.

Pinterest Idea #1: paint the clothespins black, then decorate, make into a frame of some kind.

Pinterest Idea #2: black buttons, letter N, funky green/pink fabric, no bow.

Source: Uploaded by user via Lee on Pinterest



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