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136/365 Capitol Wigs

I know the first step to conquering your addiction is to admit you have a problem. Well, I’ll describe what’s been happening to me and then YOU tell me if you think I have a problem.

Gil and I recently read The Hunger Games trilogy and I can’t stop obsessing thinking about it. I am comparing ‘games’ at work to the fictional Hunger Games in the books. I’ve thought about who I should make an allegiance with and which of my coworkers are the Careers.

I watch the movie trailer multiple times a day and can’t get enough media coverage of not only the movie, but also the actors, director, producers, etc. And don’t get me started on the fan fiction sites which Gil and I were thinking of contributing to until I found someone had stolen my idea before I even thought of it.  Gil’s idea for a contribution still seems to be an original one and I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

I’m just so happy that I get to share in this obsession with millions of other teenage girls fans, including my friend Lindsey. Just yesterday she tweeted this:

@LindseyGoodall: Is it me or is the SOPA/PIPA bill thing just one more step towards the CAPITOL regime?

The funny thing is that I had already made the obvious comparison in my mind. Needless to say, I wanted to kiss her right on the lips when I read the tweet.

Speaking of SOPA, Gil was very active yesterday in protesting this bill that’s before the House.  He was so vocal that I’m pretty sure we’ve been put on a list somewhere. But, the kicker is that when a very low flying aircraft seemed to hover over our house last night, I couldn’t help but shout, “See what you’ve done. There are hovercraft outside our window and they’ve come to take you away and turn you into an Avox.” He ducked under his desk before he realized just how deluded we are I am.

I’m guessing that at this point you are wondering what this has to do with my photo of the day blog. Well, guess no more. Gil and I were driving through the streets of downtown Tampa and lo and behold I thought I had stepped right onto the streets of The Capitol. I know the streets of Tampa aren’t all THAT bright and colorful, but apparently our wig shops are!

THIS is what I picture the shops of The Capitol looking just like:

Gil and I also want to make an announcement. We have decided to have his vasectomy reversed so that we can start trying to have a baby. Specifically, a baby girl. A baby girl with long, dark hair, gray eyes and olive skin.

We’ll call her …….. Katniss.

Well, do you think I have a problem and need to seek help?



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