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143/365 Membership

Last October, Gil met author Debora Cody at the Florida Writers Conference. It was through this chance meeting that she invited him to join her at her local writers group in Brandon. I tagged along both for support and out of curiosity. It wasn’t until we arrived that I realized the name of the group was Brandon Christian Writers (BCW).

The group was very friendly and welcoming from the minute we walked in. There were writers who have published books and who have had their articles and essays included in both local and national publications. There are teachers, editors, and other business professionals. The common bond in the room was that these people write and have a strong faith in God.

Let’s see, I write and I have faith in God. Yep. I belong here. And even though I still don’t in any way consider myself a “writer”, I do put fingers to keys and words appear for others to read. I don’t really have any great aspirations of writing a book but I have to admit, an essay or article would be kind of cool and I had never really thought of that before visiting this group. I left that night with a renewed sense that even though I *only* blog, it still matters.

Tonight, the group resumed their regular meeting schedule after a holiday hiatus. And, tonight I became a paid member. So did Gil. I was actually giddy as I wrote out the check. I’m super excited about being a part of this. I feel that I will learn so much through the sharing, critiquing, and mentoring of these people.

I also believe that I will be growing in my faith as well. I feel His presence within this group. I  feel that lots of little dominoes fell at exactly the right moment to guide me to this place. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for me.

(I should mention that Debora was a guest blogger for Random Writers last year. I invite you to read her story, A Slice of Heaven. Another member of BCW, Alan Jarrett, became our first contributor this year as we opened up RW to others.  I hope you’ll also take a moment to read his post titled God Box.)


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2 thoughts on “143/365 Membership

  1. Let’s just hope we can somehow turn our writing into a cash-producing endeavor, if for no other reason than to pay for the gas to get to the monthly meetings (considering we live nowhere near Brandon).


  2. I’ve belonged to Christian Writing Fellowships everywhere I’ve lived (as a military members, that’s lots of places) for the past three decades. You won’t regret participating!


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