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I’ll Give It A Try

After seeing my talented hubby’s blog post this morning, I felt inspired to step outside of my comfort zone and try something I’ve never done. Fiction writing.

Gil follows the Florida Writers Conference blog and there was a cool writing exercise today. I love what Gil did with the assignment. Check it out here.

And now, for the assignment:

To all the guys (and some of the women) reading this, let’s pretend this picture isn’t about the first thing you thought when you saw it. After all, not everything revolves around that.

Pretending then, that the woman in this picture isn’t in the throes of connubial bliss, in 100 words or fewer, what’s happening in this picture. One thing that might make it more interesting is what could be a foot and a pantleg in the background. So what’s happening here? Is she giving birth? Is the Alien bursting forth from her chest, just like John Hurt’s? Is she doing a particularly difficult abs routine?

Figure it out. One hundred words or less in 20 minutes.

My submission:

Samantha’s night terror abruptly wakes her husband. This night, he does as he has many times before. He throws himself over her in an effort to hold her down, afraid the merciless writhing will cause her harm. He knows the dark shadow in her subconscious is back again. He watches as the silent screams try to escape from her mouth. He is the only one who hears her quiet pleas. Then, just as suddenly as the nightmare started, it’s over and Samantha returns to the peaceful sleep that was so violently interrupted by the memories of her abuser.




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