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207/365 Waste Done Right

I follow the City of Tampa announcements via my RSS reader (Google Reader, of course) and came across this announcement a few days ago:

City of Tampa Household Chemical and Electronics Collection this Saturday – Upcoming collection day on Saturday, March 31, 2012

We have a cabinet in the garage filled with old paint and chemicals, not to mention a dead TV and some old batteries. We were very excited about being able to dump all of this free. We loaded up the bed of the truck and even helped out a neighbor by taking their old cans of paint as well.

To say the City of Tampa did this right is a massive understatement. Wow. We were blown away from the minute we arrived at the dump site set up in an empty parking lot just off the interstate. We were directed to the first station where they took a quick inventory of what we had to dump and placed cards on our windshield to signal to the next stations where we needed to stop. There were orange cones directing us to each station where we simply had to pull up and the proper items were unloaded for us. We never had to get out of the truck. First were the electronics, then paint/chemicals, and last was the battery disposal. It was so organized and the logistics were so impressive.

Bravo to the City of Tampa for doing green right! And for allowing your citizens to safely dispose of our hazardous chemicals and materials with very little effort other than the 30 minute drive there and back.

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205/365 Drug Induced Coma

I had a minor medical procedure on Thursday morning that I was very anxious about. The doctor prescribed me one of these to help take the edge off.

It was mid-morning Friday before I actually came out of the fog. I have no idea how people take these things and function on a daily basis. I missed my post on Thursday because I slept through the entire day and night.

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203/365 Furniture Saver

A couple of weeks ago we bought this giant doggie bed to use as a giant cat bed. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is when every single time I walk through the living room, it seems to be occupied by a cat. And if the cats are laying on this, it means they are NOT laying on our brown microsuede sofa. Which means much less vacuuming for us. Yeah!


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200/365 Kitty Face

It’s Renaissance Festival time in Tampa and we decided to bite the bullet and go. It was the first time for both of us so we weren’t sure what to expect. I’ll admit that at first it seemed a little over-the-top but it didn’t take us long to get into it. We even joked about dressing up for next year’s festival. I have to admit I could totally get into the ornate dresses and over use of feathers and fur and lace as embellishments. Oh, and the masks…we can’t forget the masks.


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199/365 Soy Confused

(Yes, baby, I stole your words for my title…it was clever…what can I say)

Okay, I need some advice.

I’m learning that my new favorite smoothie ingredient and cereal additive may not be good for me at all. This could also be true for my cereal and snack bars and a whole bunch of other foods I’m eating in an effort to be more healthy and lose weight.  It may indeed be very bad for me. I switched from dairy to soy around the first of the year and I’ve been having some strange health issues. As I read about the negative effects of soy, I’m basically checking off each symptom I’ve been experiencing. I’ve done a little reading on my own but I’m curious if any of you have any specific knowledge or experiences, good or bad, with any soy products.

I need to know…..To soy or not to soy?