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177/365 The Oak Ridge Boys

I love these “boys”. I mean, I really love them. I’ve talked about being raised on country music and for me, The Oak Ridge Boys epitomizes what country music is. My love affair with them began three decades ago. Until I met Gil, The Oak Ridge Boys was the band I had seen live more than any other. And as far as I’m concerned, their music is some of the best that came out of that genre. And today, they proved they still have it as I got to see them live for the first time since the late 80’s. When I heard they were coming to the Florida Strawberry Festival, I jumped at the chance to see them, even taking a vacation day today to do it. The show itself was filled with energy and spirit, but I do have one complaint. The arena was filled with senior citizens who all sat in their chairs through the whole thing which meant I had to sit in my chair through the whole thing. I could not stand and shake my country loving booty and!

Although, this couple  didn’t  seem to play by the same rules. God bless them. I only say that because they weren’t blocking MY view.

Thank you to Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall, and Richard Sterban. You took me to a very happy place today and I can assure you that I will be there in 2014 <wink>.



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