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It’s Berry Cold

My mom and I have been going to the Florida Strawberry Festival every year for at least the last five. I have never come home with strawberries. I decided since we are on this new path to eating better, I should definitely bring home a flat, which I did. You should have seen Gil’s eyes bug out of his head when he saw them. I have to admit, a flat is a lot of berries.

I planned to eat some immediately and just freeze the rest. And by freeze, I mean wash, cut them up and put them in a plastic freezer bag. Little did I know that my dear husband would have a much better idea.

Apparently several years ago he had seen an episode of Good Eats in which Alton Brown shows how to properly freeze strawberries. We watched the episode on the YouTubes  (starts at 2:57 into the clip) and decided we would give it a try.

We followed Alton’s advice and washed and prepared the strawberries in plenty of time for them to chill in the refrigerator. My mom took care of this task on Friday.

Gil made a trip to Publix and picked up a block of dry ice. However, due to science and math projects and another hour and a half drive home for me, we didn’t start the project until this afternoon. And of course, our block of dry ice was now a sliver of dry ice. Back to the store we go to pick up another 7 pound block.

Notice the gloves boys and girls. You must NOT touch the dry ice with your bare skin or else you just might lose a finger to frost bite. This is very important to remember.

In the video Alton recommends placing the strawberries along with the dry ice into a metal pan before placing it back into the cooler. Unfortunately we did not have a large cooler (except our monster cooler that holds approximately 250 cans of beer, or so we’ve been told) so we decided to alter his directions just a wee bit by just placing the strawberries and dry ice into the medium size cooler directly.

We closed up the lid and sat the cooler aside for about  2 hours.  When we opened it back up, this is what we found.

The juicy red berries were flozen as solid as a rock, or a piece of ice. I quickly got busy and started bagging them up and now we should be set for weeks, if not months to come. I’m really excited to see what happens when we take a few out and thaw them. I’m looking forward to no mush.

Now, who wants some strawberries?



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5 thoughts on “It’s Berry Cold

    1. I actually kept a handful of the berries out after the flash freeze. I popped them in the fridge for a couple of days. I’m happy to report they thawed just a pretty as they were when fresh. The only con to this was that they are a little bit slimey after 2 days in in the fridge. However, the shape, texture and taste was just like fresh. If you life where you can buy in bulk during this time of the year (I got a flat for $8 vs grocery prices of a pint for $3), then I recommend this method of freezing them. Looks like Alton knows what he’s talking about. LOL.


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