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182/365 It’s a Start

Does anyone want to guess who picked up her first three bottles of China Glaze “Colours from the Capitol” nail polish?

Give up?!?



How about a hint?




For those of you keeping score, from left to right, Foie Gras from District 10 (Livestock), Smoke and Ashes from District 12 (Mining), and Fast Track from District 6 (Transportation).

Now, as the title suggests, this is just a start. I may or may not have just placed an online order for six more colors from this collection. I may or may not have paid for expedited shipping.  But….shhhhh… one tell Gil. Okay?

For a better representation of the actual colors, click here.



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3 thoughts on “182/365 It’s a Start

    1. Hey Gina, I got these three bottles from a generic beauty supply place across the street but Sally’s has them. I’m pretty sure anyone who sells China Glaze would have them. Oh, and Hot topic has them too. I’m getting a shipment in tomorrow that I ordered from eBay, mostly because I couldn’t find Riveting locally.


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