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192/365 The Color of the Day is Green

Have you ever been stung by a bee? How about multiple bees at the same time in the same spot? Neither have I, but I’m pretty sure I know what it feels like. I had to go for a CAT scan today and since I have almost nonexistent veins in my arms, they have to put IVs into my hands. I was just fine with the initial stick (and mining expedition that followed), the syringe of saline, the syringe of medication, and another syringe full of saline. It wasn’t until they started pushing the contrast solution that I let out a pretty loud OUCHIE. I felt like I had stuck my hand into a bee hive and they were repeatedly stinging my wrist over and over.

After the technicians confirmed my vein didn’t blow, it was decided that we would continue, since what I was feeling was pretty normal. Sure enough, once they started pushing the dye again, there was about five seconds of agony again, then just a deep burning sensation that was unpleasant but not painful. And then just like that, they were pushing the nice cool saline through again and four minutes later, I was all done.

What I have to show for it is a nice little (large) bruise forming and some swelling and soreness that I’m sure I’ll be feeling for a few days.

At least I’m all set with a natural shade of green for the St. Patrick’s day festivities tomorrow.

For you Hunger Games fans, the nail polish is 1 coat of Agro from Disctrict 11 (Agriculture) and one coat of Luxe and Lush from District 1 (Luxury). I selected Agro because I wanted to represent for St. Patrick’s day as well as Hunger Games week!

For a better representation of the actual colors, click here.



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One thought on “192/365 The Color of the Day is Green

  1. I am sure your bruise will get worse before it gets better, but then again, think of all the cider you’ll be drinking on St. Patty’s day to make the whole thing go away. As for your question about bee stings …. yeah, you can say I’ve had some experience with that (


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