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217/365 Taco Tuesday

I’m having some tests done on Thursday that will require me to be on an all liquid diet after midnight tonight. I figure 2 of these little guys can’t possibly hurt my diet plan if I’m surviving on broth and jello for 2 days. Right? 🙂



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7 thoughts on “217/365 Taco Tuesday

    1. I love tacos and we never make them at home. Hmmmm, I may have to change that and even make them Weight Watchers friends with whole wheat shells and chicken or ground turkey. Okay, now I’m craving tacos again. 🙂


    1. I loved your honesty in your colonoscopy blog. I only had to drink 12 oz of some decent tasting laxative and take some pills, thank liquids all day. The actual procedure is the easy part. Thanks for sharing that with me. And yes, the Dorrito taco was very nommy!


      1. I thought that might come in handy for you… couldn’t figure out what other test you may be having ; ). You’re lucky you avoided Moviprep; it’s expensive and totally gross! Glad it’s over for you.


  1. OK…I have to ask: what do these taste like? Do the flavors work? I’m skeptical…

    Also, do they leave yellow dust/residue on the fingers like the chips from the bag?


    1. Matt, funny you ask about the residue. They actually come in these little paper trays so that you don’t have to get the dust all over your fingers. Of course, I had finished the first one before I figured out what the tray was for. DOH. They were very good but very fragile. The shell/dorrito is very thin and actually broke apart when I first bit into it. It was a nice treat before my 36 hours of all liquids. Not sure I would blow that many WeightWatchers points again for them.


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