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237/365 Time for Church

Day 4 of Rock by the Sea 6: I was able to wrap up the raffle and auctions with seconds to spare…literally. I claimed my saved spot by the stage (Thank you Lindsey and Tammy!!!!) just about 60 seconds before the boys walked onto the stage.

As always, NEEDTOBREATHE did not disappoint on ANY level. Even when the power went out on their microphones, Bear stepped out to the edge of the stage and gave us everything he had. And it was enough. This 90 minutes was the dose of Holy Spirit that I had been craving all weekend. There is nothing I love more than feeling music. Correction, there is nothing I love more than feeling music and God’s love washing over me.

Or maybe that was just the sweat from having danced my tushy off.

But seriously, God blessed those boys in that little band from South Carolina. He not only gave them talent to write, sing and make beautiful music, he has allowed them to share that talent with so many people. And if you are very fortunate, like me, you will hear the words and know that God is working through them. I am proof of that.


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One thought on “237/365 Time for Church

  1. As you know I didn’t know what to expect when I had my front row seat ( by the end standing) THAT had to be the best show I have ever seen in my life. Yes I was listning to all the words to the songs and I was so moved till I just wanted to cry my eyeballs out. I knew I had to keep my cool though. When I was recording all the videos I didn’t realize I was going to relive that concert all the way home that night. I know people were looking at me at the red lights like I was CRAZY!! Thanks for telling me I had to stay for that moving concert. I have already bout wore out the cd’s that I bought that night. I guess God looked after me all weekend and didn’t let me spend to much money so he knew I would have enough to get the BEST BAND in the worlds music that he blessed them with. Thank’s and I will be seeing them again when I get a chance.


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