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227/365 Sugar Sugar

Yep, I got my hair did tonight. I can’t be going on vacation next week with my grays roots showing, now can I? If you happen to be looking for a new stylist, I wholeheartedly recommend you go see Sugar. She’s amazing and talented and professional and she’s always current with the latest trends in color and style. Really…go see her!

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226/365 Guard Your Heart

We had another wonderful growth group tonight as we discussed Chapter 7: Your Personal Firewall from The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry. The chapter began with this verse.

First of all, I’m a sucker for ‘clever’, and I thought the title of this chapter and this verse couldn’t possibly have fit each other more perfectly. Second, I loved everything about this chapter ,even though I felt it was a reality check with just how little I prioritize God in my day to day.

Edit: I realized I had a lot more to say about this so I have continued the post over at Random Writers. Please, come on over.

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225/365 The Excitement is Building

THIS is on my mind. Next Wednesday Gil and I pack up and head north to Panama City Beach for the 6th Annual Rock By The Sea Charity Music Festival. This is on my mind for several reasons. First, I’m so stinking excited about spending a long weekend with not only my sister, but soooo many others that I consider family – my music family. The other reason is that as a board member for the charity that hosts this event, I’m anxious about how well the event will go and how much funding and awareness we’ll be able to raise for our selected charity recipients this year. I am in awe of the amazing job the other board members and volunteers do to make this event happen every year and I’m so honored to play a small part in it.

Please take a moment to check out the website for Rock by the Sea and read about the amazing charities we support. Oh, and the music. Check out the incredible bands and musicians who give of themselves to help us bring this event to life. We would love to have you join us. There’s also a link to our donation site if you can’t attend but would like to help us support these very worthy organizations. Even if you can’t attend or help us out financially, I would ask that you keep all of those traveling, working, volunteering, performing, and attending in your prayers.  Thank you.

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224/365 Time for a Refresher

I realized today that I need to dig out the old PMP study guide and brush up on some terminology. I think I’ll start with EVM. I really wish I could open up my brain and dump in some knowledge that I’m going to need to KNOW in the coming weeks.

Okay, no more blogging tonight….must study. Looks like this may be my life for the next few weeks (and hopefully longer).

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220/365 My Handyman is Hotter Than Yours

One of the hoses under our sink sprung a leak earlier this week and even though Gil made a good effort to repair it that evening, the replacement hose wouldn’t fit. So, as with most things in our world, life just kept getting in the way, several days and meals went by with no running water in the sink. I’m not usually affected by chaos but this one got the best of me and by Friday I was ready for whatever it took to get this sink working again along with all of the stuff that usually lives under the sink off of the floor and back in its place. Our solution was to just replace the faucet since I wasn’t really a big fan of the previous one, and we had started noticing a drip occasionally. After a couple of runs to home depot (another hose busted as Gil was doing the install so we just picked up new hoses all around), my HOTT handy man took care of bu’ness and order was restored.