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The ‘It’s In The Bag’ Giveaway

Congratulations to Annie Duncan who won the Large Utility Tote and to Maureen Tenney who won the Mini Utility Bin.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveway by visiting and commenting on my blog,  placing orders and helping to spead the word.

The first time my friend Dana approached me with her Thirty-One catalog, I shoo’d her away as I heard Gil’s voice in my head saying, “you don’t need ANOTHER bag”.  I knew his voice was right so I didn’t even look at the shiny pages of bag lady essentials. The second time she showed up in my doorway with the catalog, I decided it couldn’t hurt to just look and very soon I had selected a couple of items that I actually needed and placed my first order. I knew this would keep Gil’s voice quiet since I wasn’t actually ordering a ‘bag’.  Here are my thoughts on those first two purchases.

I always have a hard time finding a wallet that suits me so I thought I would give Thirty-One’s Soft Wallet ($22) a try. This wallet has an exterior zippered pocket for coins, 11 cards slots , and four more slots for bills or other items.

Soft Wallet

I love how expandable this wallet is. I tend to be very disorganized with my cards and receipts because I just shove them into any space I can. That’s what makes this wallet perfect for me. I can literally have an inch of receipts, cards, notes, etc., and because of the cloth material, it still zips up. I used my cell phone to demonstrate that you could even use this as a casual clutch in a pinch.

Soft Wallet – this really expands

The second item I selected was the Flat Iron Case ($22).

Flat Iron Case
Flat Iron Case – inside thermal lining

THIS has been a life saver several times. This case has a silver thermal lining that protects everything in my suitcase when I need to pack my flat iron while it’s still hot. And this happens a lot since my hair is the last thing I do when getting ready every day. I highly recommend this item if you travel with your flat iron.

So, I guess it goes without saying that the next time my friend came around with a catalog, I didn’t hesitate to see what other things I “needed.” And here they are.

Thermal Tote

This Thermal Tote ($18) has become my go-to lunch and cooler bag. Since I’ve been on Weight Watchers, the amount of food I take for lunch has actually increased. I find that I carry several containers of veggies, fruits, and healthful snacks so that I don’t allow myself to get hungry during the day. This bag has been great and it really is the perfect size.

Thermal Tote
Yes, all of this stuff did fit into the zipped up bag.

The thermal lining does keep food and drinks cool, especially if you toss in a chill pack. We made the mistake of adding ice on one outing to the soccer park and quickly found that the bag is not leak proof nor water resistant. In all fairness to Thirty-One, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t claim to be. I just wanted to share this info in case you might want one to use as an actual cooler. You may want to look at other options.

I blame the Organizing Utility Tote ($30) for turning me into a crazy bag lady. Because of this tote, I now feel I cannot live without my stuff within reach.

Organizing Utility Tote

I have used this bag as my road trip bag, filled with magazines, cameras, snacks, wipes, books, and a first aid kit. I used it for a time or two to take to our growth group/bible study. It was ideal for tossing my cell phone in a side pocket, along with some pens and highlighters. Then I just threw in my book, study guide, note cards, and notebooks. However, I’ve pretty much permanently ordained it as my ‘soccer mom’ bag.  The outside pockets are great for wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray. The inside is big enough I can toss in a magazine, a book, cameras, and other miscellaneous items. I usually leave room for my step-son’s portable electronic devices and I always include a first aid kit. I also try to keep it stocked with snack bars and gum or candy. It really is the perfect size for a day at the ball park.

The final item I ?needed” in this shopping splurge was a very special item. I fell in love with the Double Zip Cosmetic Bag (Hostess Exclusive $25). I was really disappointed when I realized I couldn’t get this since I wasn’t hosting an event. However, my dear friend Dana allowed me to get it as one of her hostess items. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever own another travel bag.

I can fit all of my bathroom and cosmetic necessities in this one bag. I’m talking a full size shampoo, body wash and lotion, deodorant, and a12 oz. bottle of saline solution. Of course, I was also able to fit all of my cosmetics and hair care products. Oh yeah, and one last small clear bag to hold any nail polish or remover I keep for emergencies.

Alright, that’s my stash and why I love each and every one of the Thirty-One products I own. I guess it’s pretty obvious that I have a borderline obsession going on here. I love these products and I love to share things I love with you. To make that happen, my dear friend and Thirty-One Consultant, Michelle Scott, has set up an online party for us. Aren’t you excited?!? I know I am. Now, who wants to go shopping? My party will be live thru May 30th so get your orders in before then.

To view my online party and catalog, just click here.

Once you get to the site, click on Shop Now to get started. While you are looking around the site, be sure you check out the monthly special.

All-In-One Organizer
May Special

For May, this is the All-In-One Organizer. This tote sells for $20 in the catalog, but you can get it for only $5 when you spend $31 this month. As a matter of fact, for every $31 you spend, you can get one of these great deals for $5. This organizer bag measures 8”Hx12”Wx6.5”D and has two external mesh pockets on the end. This one has 7 different print options and can be personalized. I haven’t used mine yet but I’m seeing all kinds of uses for this little gem. The price will be automatically adjusted during the order process if you qualify for this sale.

Also note that when you place an order, you can chose to have your item shipped to me or have it shipped directly to you. Since this party is open to readers, friends and family around the country, I would ask that you select to have it shipped direct to you. If you are local (Tampa Bay), please select either option you prefer. I’ll deliver the bags as soon as I receive them.

The Giveaway

Now, let’s talk about the freebies. Michelle has graciously donated an incredible tote for me to use as a Giveaway to one of my lucky readers. The bag is the Large Utility Tote and it sells for $35 in the catalog. And let me tell you, when they say large, they are not exaggerating at all. This tote can hold a lot of stuff. Check this out.

All of this stuff….
…fit in THIS bag.
Large Utility Tote – Buy it or WIN it

Don’t you just love the Black Happy Dot print?

This oversized tote measures 11.15”Hx21.5”Wx 10”D and has two very sturdy cloth handles and a rim that keeps the bag open. It’s extra nice because when not in use, it easily collapses down for easy storage. This tote can be personalized and comes in 15 different print and color choices. This tote would be great for trips to Sam’s or to use as a ‘trunk’ space in your SUV.  Please note that I only removed this bag from the plastic long enough to take a few photos. As soon as I was finished with the pictures, I wrapped it right back up.

If you would like a chance to win this bag, simply place an order. That’s right, place any size order and I’ll enter your name into a drawing for this bag. It’s that simple.

As a special treat, I’m going to do a little bonus giveaway. I know that not everyone can or even wants to place an order right now, so I don’t want to exclude those readers.  I purchased the Mini Utility Bin ($22 value) about a month ago but have not used it. I opened the plastic wrap and then put it away until I came up with a use for it. I can think of no better use than to reward one of my friends and readers with a chance to win this really cute and functional storage bin. This contest does not require a purchase. To win this bag, all I ask is that you visit my Thirty-One party page and then come back here (on my blog and not on Facebook please) and leave me a comment telling me which bags, totes, accessories, purses, or wallets top your wish list, and how you would use them. I love discovering new ideas and new ways to use these incredible products and I can’t wait to hear your ideas. I’ll enter your name into this contest for one chance to win. (Please note, this bonus giveaway is only for those who do not place an order with me at this time.)

Bonus entries for both contests:

  1. Share this blogpost on Facebook. You’ll get a bonus entry for each share (no more than 1 per day please).  I will need for you to let me know you are sharing so come back here and leave a comment that you’ve done so, or just tag me in your post.
  2. Share this post on Twitter. Be sure to include my Twitter name, @purrfectlee, and I’ll know each time you tweet it out. You will get 1 bonus entry for each tweet and again, no more than 1 per day please.  Suggested tweet: Want to win the organization battle with form AND function? It’s in the bag! #thirtyone #giveaway @purrfectlee
  3. Tell your friends via email or word of mouth about my party and giveaway. Use this shortened URL to get the word out: and then tell me you’ve shared this page in a comment below.
  4. Sign up with Michelle to become a Thirty-One Consultant.
  5. Sign up to host your own Thirty-One party.
The Fine Print
The deadline for entering both contests is May 30th. I will draw a winner on May 31 and notify the winners by email, as well as announcements here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. If you are local to me in the Tampa Bay area, I will personally deliver the prize to you. If not, I will ship it within 5 days via USPS Priority Mail. I’m sorry to my international readers but I’m going to have to limit this contest to those with a US mailing address. The winner will have 48 hours to respond once they’ve been contacted. If the selected winner does not contact me, I will select an alternate.
Disclosure – All of the products I have reviewed are items I have purchased, with the exception of the All-In-One Organizer. This, and the Large Utility Tote were provided free of charge to me for the purpose of reviewing the products and as giveaways to my readers. All opinions are my own.


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33 thoughts on “The ‘It’s In The Bag’ Giveaway

  1. 1) I love the #3828 thermal tote in pink scroll! Will share on facebook and twitter. Just laid off a week ago, so money’s tight, but I would have gotten the word out for you anyway. Loves!


    1. Collette, thank you so much for the shares today. I like that print, too. I really appreciate it. I’m really sorry to hear about you being laid off. That stinks. Good luck with this contest!


  2. I just have to tell your readers that the mini utility bin makes a super cute bathroom trash can!! One of my personal favs!


      1. That’s great! Thanks. As long as you use my Twitter name in your tweet, I’ll be able to see them. Just wanted to let you know in case you forget to come back here and comment about it.


  3. Hey, I love this stuff….I just shared and tagged a friend in INDY, she is waiting on her 31 “kit”…I just saw it today on FB…Its a big day for 31!!! xxoo


  4. It’s the Retro Metro Weekender in Awesome Blossom that is at the top of my wishlist! Then again, the whole magazine is on my wishlist!


  5. Ok placed my order. Make sure my name goes in the drawing. Lol I really like all there products. How long will it take for me to get it? I couldn’t find the turn around time. Thanks and hope you do good. 🙂


  6. Love the “realness” of your advertisements!!!! Miss you! I’ll look through the online catalog when I get home today. Love you!


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