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281/365 Magic Potion

It’s Vacation Time! We are leaving on a jet plane for Mexico in a matter of hours. I should be super crazy excited about that but all I can think about is that we ARE LEAVING ON A JET PLANE in a matter of hours.

Can you feel the anxiety in my typed words?

I REALLY hate to fly and it’s robbing me of the good vacation thoughts I should be having. So, I went to see my doctor and kindly asked her to give me the same thing my awesome dentist gives me to put me in a hazy, half awake-half asleep state before he works on me. (I hate going to the dentist, too.) And, she did. I’ll let you know if it works.

Post flight Note: OMG did it help! With these sweet babies I can fly anywhere. A whole new world just opened up to us. šŸ™‚



Animal lover, music junkie, wife of @danaCreative. I'm on a mission to find my authentic self. Love supporting worthy charities and causes however I can.

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