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054/365 Sneak Peek


Sorry for the poor picture quality, but you get the idea. Right?

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053/365 Flashback Friday: Gunslinger Gonzo and Pokahoochie

I’ve been to some over the top Halloween parties but last year’s had to be the all time greatest for fun, creativity and just plain effort.

Julia and Kirsten, thanks so much for the good times, great company and crazy memories last year. We can’t wait to see you ladies tomorrow night to create some more of those incredible memories.

Here are some of my favorite shots from last year. If you are interested in seeing the whole album, it’s on Facebook and I welcome you to come check it out. I think you’ll see why this was one of the best parties ever for creativity. These people take this costume thing pretty seriously.

Gil, aka Gunslinger Gonzo, and Me, aka Pokahoochie
Gil with awesome party hostess, Julia, aka….Julia
Cowboy, co-hostess Kirsten, aka Cher, and Gil
Lee and Diana, aka Queen of Hearts
Damn, my cowboy is fine!
Lee, Julia, and Gil
Lee and Kirsten
Gil and Steve, aka the Hulk

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049/365 I Hope Permanent Doesn’t Really Mean Permanent

Our big Halloween event is next Saturday so it’s time to get serious about our costumes. My first project is to dye the nylon jacket we purchased from the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I seem to have only dyed my hands and fingernails. The jacket is still lime green, but my nails are a lovely shade of black.

Crafting tip for my readers: Wear gloves when working with permanent fabric dye.

But, you all probably knew that already. Right?

Oh, and make sure you plug the drain with a stopper that actually fits said drain in the large utility sink you are using to dye your fabric. This step is actually quite crucial for successfully dying your fabric.

Crafting #fail