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203/365 Furniture Saver

A couple of weeks ago we bought this giant doggie bed to use as a giant cat bed. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is when every single time I walk through the living room, it seems to be occupied by a cat. And if the cats are laying on this, it means they are NOT laying on our brown microsuede sofa. Which means much less vacuuming for us. Yeah!


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178/365 Quality Time

I feel like my sweet Boo doesn’t get quite the love and affection the other kitties do. He just doesn’t demand it the way the others do. Tonight was different though. He found me alone in the office with no other cats and took complete advantage of the situation.

Meow mew meoooowwww meow meowww mmmmmmeeeeeow.

Before I knew it, he was cuddled up in my arms while I caught up on with some emails. I decided to snap this photo to use as my pic of the day. It wasn’t until I uploaded the picture that I realized I had not been alone at all. Ms. Dudley was sleeping on the desk beside me the whole time.


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146/365 AHH.Maz.ING

This one one of those weekends we live for. From start to finish it was simply amazing. Friday started with Gil and me picking up the kids and heading out for a bite to eat at the mall, then just hanging out at Barnes & Nobel for more than an hour. On Saturday I slept in a little, did a bit of laundry, packed for an overnight trip and headed to the soccer field where Natalie’s team won their game. Yah! This was a double win because these two teams had tied before and the officiating was horrible. The girls deserved a solid win and they got it.

As soon as the game was over Gil and I jumped in the car and headed north to Jacksonville. We got there about an hour before Dirty Shannon took the stage and wowed us with some of their new, unreleased music. I cannot wait for their next CD to be released. It’s going to be good. No, wait. It’s going to be GREAT!

The whole purpose of our trip to Jacksonville was to support our friends Son of a Bad Man. Their new CD just came out this week and this show on Saturday night was to celebrate that release. First of all, go buy their CD. Go….I’ll wait here till you get back.


Ok, now that you’ve bought their new CD, give it a listen and let me know what you think. I think it’s fantastic. These boys totally rocked our faces off. The night was extra special because we got to see some dear friends and catch up between sets.

When we made the decision to make this crazy overnight trip to Jax to see two of our favorite bands, I contacted my cousin to ask if we could crash with her. We haven’t seen each other in about 4 years and that was at a crowded restaurant. Before that, I think 2001 may have been the last time we actually spent any quality time together. She and her husband didn’t join us for the show and the plan was for us to enjoy our concert and then head to her house, which is exactly what we did.

We spent several hours talking a whole bunch of crazy talk because somehow we ended up on the subject of politics. THIS is a subject that I tend to avoid like the plague, but here we were, 2AM in the morning, each of us defending our views and opinions. Let’s just say that after 10+ years of falling out of touch with someone, talking politics may not be the best way to reconnect. I say this in jest, of course. At least we did find out that we tend to lean in opposite directions but we did indeed learn quite a bit about each other. It wasn’t until my eyelids refused to stay up that we abandoned our own little debate and headed to bed.

My cousin and her family lives on a beautiful piece of property right on the St. Johns River. We awoke to a breathtaking view of the river and the Dames Point Bridge. We also awoke to this…

This is Patches and she likes to play…with toes..under the covers. Okay, so this was not a bad thing. She was so freaking sweet and had slept by my feet all night (at least I think she was there all night). And when the morning came, she was ready to play. Gil and I both had several play sessions with her before we finally stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen.

My domestic goddess of a cousin prepared a delicious breakfast quiche and fruit salad for breakfast. We sat around the table truly catching up this time (no politics) and soon realized it was 3:00 in the afternoon. The cuz then grabbed some chicken and venison to throw on the grill. We left with our hearts and bellies quite full.

Now we are back home and it’s time to crash before the rat race starts again tomorrow. I’m so very thankful that God gave me this weekend to recharge my spirit. I feel like my little light is shining a little brighter tonight and I intend to take it with me as I start a new week.

Did you have a great weekend you want to share? I would love to hear all about it!

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123/365 This Is Love

Well, at least the kind of love Peppy gives. I woke up sometime during the night with Peppy in one of his trance-like kneading states. Only, instead of my pillow or the bed, he was kneading my arm over and over again in the same spot.   So much so that the claws on his one paw dug into my skin repeatedly. I could only lay there and endure his “loving” because my dear Peppy is a bit schizophrenic and if I had tried to move or disturbed his zen moment, I would have surely come away with far less skin that these little scratches.

What’s funny is that the more he gets into it, the wider he stretches his paw. Yes, he’s a big boy.