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203/365 Furniture Saver

A couple of weeks ago we bought this giant doggie bed to use as a giant cat bed. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is when every single time I walk through the living room, it seems to be occupied by a cat. And if the cats are laying on this, it means they are NOT laying on our brown microsuede sofa. Which means much less vacuuming for us. Yeah!


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021/365 Monkey Bars

Monkey did show a tiny bit of improvement but I took her to the vet this afternoon just to be safe. They said she has an upper respiratory infection and sent me home with antibiotics and antihistamines. She is eating a bit better and there is definitely more life in her sweet little eyes.  I snapped this as we were waiting to be discharged this afternoon. Big thanks to Dr. Tanner for taking good care of her, and her mommy. I was a bit of a nervous wreck and he helped make ME feel much better, too.

PS – A very special thanks to Calista! You know why 😉

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020/365 Lazy Days

Today has been a pretty lazy day and that’s a good thing. After being sick last week I think my body just said, “Chill” for a while. So, I did exactly that.

I’ve actually spent a big part of the past two days holding my sweet Monkey, who is very much under the weather. I’m really scared it’s serious so I could use a few prayers. She’s shown a little tiny improvement today but I’m still very worried.

Vanny, Monkey, and Boo with Peppy sleeping in the background

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007/365 So So Succulent

I love succulents. LOVE them. When my mom mentioned there was a special succulent plant show at the USF Botanical Gardens, I knew I needed to be there. Thank goodness we got there when the gates opened. There weren’t a lot of vendors and I would dare say each of them probably sold out before closing time. Mom and I were able to pick the cream of the crop of itty bitty alien looking plants. This made me very happy.

Here’s our haul.

Here’s a silly artsy shot of the beautiful rock garden mama created.


I took several shots tonight, but because I waited until after dark AND the flash on my camera phone is pretty brutal, this is probably the best shot of the whole garden, not artsified. Okay, maybe it’s not the best shot but it’s the one Monkey photo bombed. Obviously, it’s the one I chose to post.