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292/365 A Thief and a Killer

Earlir today, my mom noticed this little guy in our unfinished butterfly garden. He would run up a stake planted next to the flower, reach out as far as he could to grab the stalk, then drop back to the ground with it so he could eat the flower. He did this for a good 20 minutes before my desire to get a closer shot startled him.

Sadly, over the next few days, he ATE THE WHOLE THING. And what he didn’t eat, died a very sudden death.

I guess butterfly are not the only creature who finds this plant nom-able.


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258/365 Live and Let Live … or Kill These Suckers Now?

I discovered some caterpillars on my passionflower today. I know what caterpillars do to vegetation and I am not happy about the impending doom of my beloved flowers.

I found the caterpillars because I had been drawn outside with my camera to capture the beautiful butterflies fluttering around my bright pink flowers.

Yes. I know caterpillars become butterflies, but I didn’t exactly connect these dots right away. It wasn’t until I came in and started exploring the Googles with a search on “how to kill orange and black caterpillars” that I started to make the connection.

Did I mention how much I love my passionflower?

Then I started noticing a lot of images of these caterpillars, butterflies and passionflowers together. A few clicks later I came to realize that not only is this butterfly called the Passion Butterfly, or Gulf Fritillary, but my beloved plant is the larval host plant for this species.

So now I’m torn. Do I allow the leaf chomping larvae to completely defoliate my plant in the hopes of reaping the benefits of a backyard filled with the beautiful butterflies?

Well, what do you think? Let them live or save my plant?


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251/365 No Day Off for These Mamas

We finally made the time to build Mama’s garden beds. It was supposed to be her Mother’s Day gift but she ended up working much harder than we had intended. I think she liked it though.

This is actually a picture of one of the little side projects we decided to do in the middle of building the garden beds. This will be Vanny’s Corner. We will plant a white rose bush in the corner and memorialize him with a decorative stone the kids are going to make.

PS….I kinda miss him.

PPS…Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. I hope you like the beds.

PPPS….Yes, Honey, I know I’m not a REAL Mama, but I am a kitty mama so that totally counts. Now stop rolling your eyes.


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246/365 Bites

Gil and I spent Saturday night in a hotel in Sarasota. Could be bed bugs?

We then spent several hours sitting in or near the grass at Sunfest in West Palm Beach. Could be chiggers?

I’m not really sure what bit us but both of our legs, my ankles, feet, and shoulders have these itchy, red, blistery, welts.