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285/365 For Just a Little While

Even though I still wasn’t 100%, I managed to join Gil, Matt, and Michelle for our swim with dolphins excursion.  However, by the time we returned to the resort, the ickies had taken over again. It was nice to see Dr. Dominguez two more times today, with his three injections that made me feel better for a little while (note the sarcasm). More pills and sleep and dreams of feeling better for at least the last two full days of our trip.

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283/365 Yin and …YAK


We spent the morning with Matt and Michelle at Tulum. It was SUPER hot and humid but it’s such a beautiful place that it’s easy to forget that.


The day did not end as wonderfully as it started. By 5:00 PM, this is what I looked like.

By 9:00 PM the resort doctor had been to my room twice, given me three separate injections to stop the vomiting and abdominal cramps, and prescribed three different pills to take.

Now, I pray for sleep.

Note to self: Avoid sushi in foreign countries.

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281/365 Magic Potion

It’s Vacation Time! We are leaving on a jet plane for Mexico in a matter of hours. I should be super crazy excited about that but all I can think about is that we ARE LEAVING ON A JET PLANE in a matter of hours.

Can you feel the anxiety in my typed words?

I REALLY hate to fly and it’s robbing me of the good vacation thoughts I should be having. So, I went to see my doctor and kindly asked her to give me the same thing my awesome dentist gives me to put me in a hazy, half awake-half asleep state before he works on me. (I hate going to the dentist, too.) And, she did. I’ll let you know if it works.

Post flight Note: OMG did it help! With these sweet babies I can fly anywhere. A whole new world just opened up to us. 🙂

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274/365 Now I’m Ready for Vacation

GAHHHHHH!!!!! My custom Tervis Tumblers came in today. One for me and one for Michelle so that we can keep our adult beverages cooler longer in the hot Mexican sunshine.

Is it next week yet?

The new customization option on the Tervis website may just be the death of me….or at least my bank account. I now want to make a special cup for every event in my life and in the lives of everyone I know. Really…everyone Every event. If you know me and my love for plain ol’ Tervis cups, then you can appreciate just how true those last comments are.

The photo I used on these cups was taken on our first trip to Aventura back in 2008. I’m so excited about getting back there. Not only was this the place, four years ago, that Gil asked me to be his wife, we are also celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary and we’re doing it with friends that mean the world to us.