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285/365 For Just a Little While

Even though I still wasn’t 100%, I managed to join Gil, Matt, and Michelle for our swim with dolphins excursion.  However, by the time we returned to the resort, the ickies had taken over again. It was nice to see Dr. Dominguez two more times today, with his three injections that made me feel better for a little while (note the sarcasm). More pills and sleep and dreams of feeling better for at least the last two full days of our trip.

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283/365 Yin and …YAK


We spent the morning with Matt and Michelle at Tulum. It was SUPER hot and humid but it’s such a beautiful place that it’s easy to forget that.


The day did not end as wonderfully as it started. By 5:00 PM, this is what I looked like.

By 9:00 PM the resort doctor had been to my room twice, given me three separate injections to stop the vomiting and abdominal cramps, and prescribed three different pills to take.

Now, I pray for sleep.

Note to self: Avoid sushi in foreign countries.

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274/365 Now I’m Ready for Vacation

GAHHHHHH!!!!! My custom Tervis Tumblers came in today. One for me and one for Michelle so that we can keep our adult beverages cooler longer in the hot Mexican sunshine.

Is it next week yet?

The new customization option on the Tervis website may just be the death of me….or at least my bank account. I now want to make a special cup for every event in my life and in the lives of everyone I know. Really…everyone Every event. If you know me and my love for plain ol’ Tervis cups, then you can appreciate just how true those last comments are.

The photo I used on these cups was taken on our first trip to Aventura back in 2008. I’m so excited about getting back there. Not only was this the place, four years ago, that Gil asked me to be his wife, we are also celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary and we’re doing it with friends that mean the world to us.

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153/365 Countdown

Gil and I are planning our summer vacation this year and it’s extra super duper exciting because we have asked our friends Matt and Michelle to join us. We had the first of what may be many planning sessions today at lunch. We set the dates and decided on which of the Palace Resorts we’ll be visiting. We have decided to visit the very resort where Gil proposed to me back in 2008, Aventura Spa Palace.

Apparently Michelle is as excited as I am. She posted this on Facebook just minutes after we left the restaurant. I really ❤ her!

P.S. GLEE = Gil + Lee


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Wouldn’t It Be Cool If I…

(30 Days of Truth – Day 13 – Discuss some of the things on your bucket list)

I realized something today. I don’t have a Bucket List. Am I the only one? I hear people talk about theirs all the time but it never crossed my mind that I should have one. Maybe I should. Or maybe I already do but don’t really recognize it as a bucket list but more of a Wish List or better yet my Dream List. I think I’m just going to list my string of ideas that fall under the header “Wouldn’t it be cool if I…” so here goes.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I…

…obtain an MBA.
…visit Key West, Las Vegas and New Orleans with Gil.
…(we) attend both the Oscars and the Grammy Awards ceremony.
…open a cat rescue.
…watch my nephew graduate from college.
…perform some athletic feat that no one expects (hike a mountain, run a marathon).
…skydive with the US Army Golden Knights (DOH, wait…I already did that one.).
…fly like the wind in a homemade stock car like my mom and dad used to do.
…see my husband’s face when he realizes his book has been listed on the NYT Best Seller list.
…become a successful nonprofit fundraising event planner.
…do Skyjump Las Vegas.
…(we) watch the sun set/rise over the Grand Canyon.
…(we) travel cross country in an RV for a year.
…help with a dental mission trip (or any working mission trip).
…(we) take the kids on a Disney/Nickelodeon cruise before they get too old to enjoy it.
…(we) visit Gil’s family in Mexico.
…could visit Cuba.
…(we) take the same roadtrip as Cate and Max took in Lives Vol I.
…see Dwyane Wade win more rings than Jordan.
…had a full-time maid.
…(we)attend the 2014 World Cup.
…watch my husband on Oprah.
…live long enough to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

Now, I clearly need to expand on this list so give me some ideas. Comment below and give me three of your bucket list items. I’m very curious to know what other people dream about doing. Nothing is too big or too small. Ok, ready. Set. GO!