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238/365 Road Warrior, Too

Since I didn’t take a picture today, I’m totally stealing this post from Gil. He really summed it up with these three little sentences:

400 miles. 6.5 hours. So good to be home.

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237/365 Time for Church

Day 4 of Rock by the Sea 6: I was able to wrap up the raffle and auctions with seconds to spare…literally. I claimed my saved spot by the stage (Thank you Lindsey and Tammy!!!!) just about 60 seconds before the boys walked onto the stage.

As always, NEEDTOBREATHE did not disappoint on ANY level. Even when the power went out on their microphones, Bear stepped out to the edge of the stage and gave us everything he had. And it was enough. This 90 minutes was the dose of Holy Spirit that I had been craving all weekend. There is nothing I love more than feeling music. Correction, there is nothing I love more than feeling music and God’s love washing over me.

Or maybe that was just the sweat from having danced my tushy off.

But seriously, God blessed those boys in that little band from South Carolina. He not only gave them talent to write, sing and make beautiful music, he has allowed them to share that talent with so many people. And if you are very fortunate, like me, you will hear the words and know that God is working through them. I am proof of that.

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225/365 The Excitement is Building

THIS is on my mind. Next Wednesday Gil and I pack up and head north to Panama City Beach for the 6th Annual Rock By The Sea Charity Music Festival. This is on my mind for several reasons. First, I’m so stinking excited about spending a long weekend with not only my sister, but soooo many others that I consider family – my music family. The other reason is that as a board member for the charity that hosts this event, I’m anxious about how well the event will go and how much funding and awareness we’ll be able to raise for our selected charity recipients this year. I am in awe of the amazing job the other board members and volunteers do to make this event happen every year and I’m so honored to play a small part in it.

Please take a moment to check out the website for Rock by the Sea and read about the amazing charities we support. Oh, and the music. Check out the incredible bands and musicians who give of themselves to help us bring this event to life. We would love to have you join us. There’s also a link to our donation site if you can’t attend but would like to help us support these very worthy organizations. Even if you can’t attend or help us out financially, I would ask that you keep all of those traveling, working, volunteering, performing, and attending in your prayers.  Thank you.

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013/365 Three Amigos with a Hart

Gil Gonzalez, Jeff Wilson, Emerson Hart and Matt Harrington

This was the photo I wanted so badly to post yesterday but dead batteries and pure exhaustion resulted in no post. However, since I seem to be making up the rules as I go, what the hell, I’m posting anyway.

This has to be one of my new all time favorite pictures ever. Not only are Gil, Jeff and Matt best of friends, they are also three of the most giving and selfless people I know. I only wish I had a heart like these guys.

Yesterday was the first Rock by the Sea event to be held in the Tampa Bay area. Headlining the show was Emerson Hart, lead singer of the band Tonic, and we were so thrilled that he came out to support our efforts to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital. It was a fantastic day and a wonderful and entertaining show.